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// Amazon Pay Plugin for PrestaShop .

Login and Pay with Amazon - More sales thanks to Amazon Pay

In collaboration with alkim media we developed this plugin for Login and Pay with Amazon, which extends your PrestaShop with a trusted and unique paymentoption.

Login and Pay with Amazon is a complete payment solution for internet businesses. You give millions of Amazon Customers the possiblity to checkout secure on your website without the need to enter payment and sending informations again.

The plugin is absolutely free. Of course we can offer you our support for installing or extending the plugin. Just drop us a line!

The plugin offers the following features:

  • Optimized for mobile systems as well
  • Exclusive payment handling, no submitting of product- or cartdata
  • Coupons and deductibles work within the plugin
  • No registering in the shop necessary. Customers can order as guests
  • Cancel orders in your admin-panel. This is submitted directly to amazon.
  • Confirm the shipping of the order - this status update is also been submitted to amazon.
  • Built-In version-control
  • Exclude specific products from Pay by Amazon

Advantages for your business

  • motivate potential customers to make a purchase
  • Win new customers
  • Reduce your costs
  • Reduce bad debt losses
  • Increase control
  • Simple integration
  • Individual checkout

Advantages for your clients

  • reliable and secure
  • comfortable and secure payment
  • familiar and popular


  • The order management will be done solely with your own systems.